The Controlling Behavior We All Need to Avoid

Britt H.
2 min readApr 28


Have you ever come across individuals who just can’t resist giving their two cents on everything, regardless of whether you asked for their opinion or not? These are the unsolicited advice givers — people who love to assert their authority on all aspects of your life and control you.

Photo by Jennifer Griffin on Unsplash

they may think their unasked wisdom is gold
but in truth
they can’t resist the urge to seize the reins
offering counsel on all matters
from career to love
often with no knowledge or expertise to claim

these advisors
driven by a thirst for control
believe their path is the sole righteous way
they demand you mold to their expectations
their opinions supreme
forcing all to obey

narcissistic souls
they hold themselves on high
imposing their beliefs on the world
the consequences of their unsought guidance
leave you feeling judged

they may be oblivious to the harm they cause
believing their intentions pure
hearts unswerving
but you
dear soul
hold the reins to your own life
free to choose
free to live
free to be deserving

set boundaries firm
assert your inner strength
acknowledge their concern
but stand your ground
your life
your choices
yours to navigate
their unsought counsel
no longer binding

in the end
unsolicited advisors may persist
their influence a weight
heavy and invasive



Britt H.

Sharing her unique perspective on the world as a hearing-impaired autistic person with bipolar disorder despite the challenges.