My Interpretative Reflection: Souichi’s Convenient Curse

Caution: Contains elements of horror that may be unsettling for some readers

Britt H.
4 min readSep 24


Souichi’s actions with the katashiro represent a metaphor for the abuse of power. As he gains the ability to control and manipulate others through these effigies, he becomes increasingly reckless and sadistic in his behavior. This mirrors real-world situations where individuals in positions of authority or influence may misuse their power, causing harm and suffering to those they target. The consequences of Souichi’s actions serve as a warning about the potential fallout when power is wielded without responsibility.

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Souichi’s need to demonstrate his perceived superiority to his classmates reflects the human desire for attention and acceptance within a group. His mischievous acts and manipulation stem from a desire to be admired or feared by his peers. This commentary highlights the lengths some people may go to in their quest for recognition and dominance, even if it means resorting to harmful actions.

Souichi’s behavior sets him apart from his classmates, leading to feelings of isolation. His attempts to assert his individuality by showcasing his supposed powers ultimately alienate him from others. This raises questions about the tension between embracing one’s uniqueness and conforming to social norms. Souichi’s extreme actions serve as a cautionary tale about the consequences of pushing too far against the boundaries of conformity.

In summary, Souichi’s story serves as a commentary on the abuse of power, the quest for attention and dominance, the balance between individuality and conformity. It illustrates how unchecked desires and actions can lead to isolation, harm, and even tragedy, both on an individual and societal level.

Souichi’s Convenient Curse

Souichi uses a katashiro to torture his classmate Ooya, sticking pins into its stomach so that Ooya collapses with stomach pain and is taken to hospital.



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