My First Time Publishing

Britt H.
7 min readMay 24


A friend recently confided in me that he had finally published his first story. Although he spoke in a hushed tone, the sheer excitement in his voice resonated deeply within me, as I could empathize with the emotions he must have been experiencing. We’ve all experienced that moment when we gather the courage to step out as writers and share our work with the world. The days when we started writing were different from the present. Nowadays, anyone can publish their writing anywhere, anyhow, and I believe that’s a positive shift that encourages those closeted writers to embrace their passion.

Join me in reflecting on and sharing our experiences with our first published works. Let’s revisit its significance and how it shaped our writing journeys. Share your thoughts, emotions, and insights gained from that initial step into publishing. This is a supportive opportunity, not a competition. Let’s honor the courage it took to share our words and celebrate the growth that followed. Keep writing, sharing, and inspiring! Post your story with the prompt #MyFirstPublishedWork, and let our writing community thrive with the tales of our early triumphs.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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#closeted writer

I use the term “closeted” because it truly takes an immense amount of courage to come forward with our writing. We often doubt ourselves, questioning whether our work is good enough to be seen by others. I vividly recall the first time I pressed that publish button. My heart raced, and nervousness coursed through my veins. However, in the end, I took a leap of faith and simply did it. That moment marked the beginning of my writing journey.

My first published piece was a poem titled “Wild Flower” that I shared on Instagram…