I Love and I Hate Too Much

Britt H.
2 min readSep 21


Have you ever felt like you’re carrying the weight of countless lifetimes within you? Like your soul is an old one, burdened with the emotions and experiences of not just your own existence but those of others as well?

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Like an old soul
That’s on my own
Feeling too much at times
Like I had lived
A thousand lifetimes
Emotions trapped
Past experiences
Joy, agony
Both mine and others
I love and I hate
Too much
Stories awaiting to be told
Burying my nose
In words
Day and night
Creating my very own
Seventh heaven
Many had asked
If it’s all about me
There are pieces of me
Here and there
How much or how deep?
It shall remain
An enigma

©Britt H.

Previously published on 31st October 2017 (Instagram)

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