I Don’t Like This Person In Me

Taming of the inner storm

Britt H.
2 min readSep 20


i despise the fury within me
it rises unbidden
an unwelcome guest
in my soul’s abode

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watching it welling up
a tempest in my chest
an ember igniting
flickering into flames
consuming reason
incinerating patience

why must i be this storm?
why must i be the root of this chaos?
i find myself adrift in a sea of ire
waves crashing against my fragile resolve

i am weary of the damage i inflict
the hurtful words
the thoughtless deeds
leaving scars on hearts once cherished

in the aftermath
my remorse becomes my shadow
a companion on this lonely path of self-reckoning
as i survey the wreckage of my unbridled wrath

i yearn for calm
i yearn for peace
to silence the tempest that rages within
to master this tempestuous heart of mine

i long to hold my temper in gentle hands
to cradle it, soothe it, and let it slumber
so that kindness may bloom in its stead

this transformation
it is not swift nor easy
for anger is a relentless adversary
but i shall persist
for i yearn to be better

to be the master of my emotions
not a slave
to mend the bonds
i’ve strained and broken
to find solace
in the serenity of self-control